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Area rug cleaning in Las Vegas protects your precious rug from dirt, grime, and bacteria buildup. LV Carpets uses specially formulated detergents to restore and protect your oriental area rug without the use of harsh chemicals. Most area rugs are an easy target for dirt buildup because of the constant living room walking within your home. Get in touch with LV Carpets to restore your rug with area rug cleaning services in Las Vegas.

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Pick-Up & Delivery Services For Area Rug Cleanings

Don’t have time to drop off your area rug at one of our convenient cleaning locations? No problem! LV Carpets provides pick-up and delivery services for all your area rugs, oriental rugs, and Persian rugs.

We make your life easier by covering all parts of the valley. We service the Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, North Las Vegas and the surrounding areas!

LV Carpets understands that not everyone has the time, means, and even car space to drop off their area rug. That’s why we’ll always come to you no matter how far!

Get in touch with LV Carpets today and schedule a pick-up and delivery cleaning service for your area rug.

Pick-Up & Delivery Services For Area Rug Cleanings

Professional Rug Cleaning in Las Vegas

Rug cleaning in Las Vegas can be done professionally by various companies that specialize in cleaning and restoring rugs. These companies typically use specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to remove dirt, stains, and odors from rugs.

Here are some steps that can be involved in the rug cleaning process:

  1. Inspection: A professional rug cleaner will inspect the rug to determine the best cleaning method and identify any potential problem areas such as stains or damage.
  1. Vacuuming: The rug will be thoroughly vacuumed to remove any loose dirt and debris.
  2. Spot Cleaning: Any stains or heavily soiled areas will be treated with specialized cleaning solutions.
  3. Deep Cleaning: The rug will be cleaned using a hot water extraction method or dry cleaning, depending on the type of rug and the cleaning solution required.
  4. Drying: The rug will be dried completely to prevent mold or mildew growth. This process can take anywhere from several hours to a day or two, depending on the size and material of the rug.
  5. Finishing: The rug will be groomed and trimmed to restore its original appearance.

It is important to choose a reputable and experienced rug cleaning company in Las Vegas to ensure the best results and protect the life of your rug.

Professional Rug Cleaning in Las Vegas
Benefits of Area Rug Cleaning Las Vegas

Benefits of Area Rug Cleaning Las Vegas

Here are the benefits of area rug cleaning in Las Vegas:

  • Removes dirt, dust, and debris
  • Restores your rug
  • Easy & affordable
  • Improves your home interior

Although oriental rugs look magnificent inside your home, they can easily harbor microscopic bacteria and pests that are invisible to the naked eye. Oriental rug cleaning washes away any grime, dust mites, and bacteria that are deep within the rug fibers.

Properly caring for your rug pad restores the color, character, and appearance of the rug. A dirty and filthy rug can take away from your home’s natural beauty. So let our professional cleaning services help maintain your rug pad!

Best Oriental Rug Cleaning

When it comes to finding the best oriental rug cleaners in Las Vegas, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you want to make sure that the company you choose is experienced and reputable. There are a lot of rug cleaners out there who don’t cover the same area and services that LV Carpet provides. Second, you want to find a company that uses safe and gentle cleaning methods.

Many rug cleaners use harsh chemicals and abrasive scrubbing pads that can damage your rugs. Finally, you want to find a company that offers competitive pricing. Oriental rugs and Persian rugs can be expensive, so you don’t want to spend more than you have to on cleaning them. Always ask their rate for your rug before settling on an oriental rug cleaning company.

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Best Oriental Rug Cleaning

Emergency Oriental Rug Cleaning Las Vegas

How Often Should Area Rugs Be Cleaned?

If you have an area rug, you know it can be a bit of a pain to keep maintain them if you have kids or pets. Not only do you have to worry about dirt and dust, but also spills and stains. So how often should you be cleaning your area rug?

Most area rugs should be cleaned at least once a year. This will help to remove any build-up of dirt and grime that can happen over time. If you have a light-colored rug or one that is located in a high walking area, you may need to clean it more often.

The best way to clean an area rug is to take it to a professional rug cleaner. They will have the proper equipment to clean your rug to make it look good as new! If you try to clean it yourself, you could end up damaging the rug or making the stain worse. Oriental rugs can be very costly, so you need to do everything possible to maintain them.

How Are Oriental Rugs Cleaned At LV Carpets?

There are many different ways that oriental rugs can be cleaned. Depending on the type of oriental rug, the cleaning process will vary. For example, hand-knotted oriental rugs may be cleaned by hand, while machine-made Oriental rugs can be cleaned using a machine.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when cleaning an oriental rug is to never use harsh chemicals or detergents. These can damage the delicate fibers of the rug and cause them to deteriorate over time. Instead, LV Carpets only uses gentle cleaning solutions that are specifically designed for oriental rugs.

If you have an oriental rug that is in need of a deep clean, it’s best to take it to a professional rug cleaner. They will have the knowledge and experience necessary to safely and effectively clean your rug without causing any damage.

Stain Removal With Area Rug Cleaning

Stain Removal With Area Rug Cleaning

Having kids or pets can make it extremely difficult to maintain the quality and look of your area rug. Spills, accidents, and pet stains can happen at a moment’s notice. However, you shouldn’t have to worry about a permanent stain affecting your expensive area rug. First, try to clean up the mess immediately. Then, contact a professional area rug cleaner for deep cleaning.

They are experts that can remove any stain, pet accident, or grime that’s discoloring your area rug. LV Carpets uses state-of-the-art cleaning materials that don’t damage your rug pad with harsh chemicals. Your area rug can hold sentimental or monetary value, so we do everything to protect it at all costs. Once dried, your area rug will look good as new as if the stain never happened!

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Why Get Area Rug Cleaning Services?

The biggest benefit of area rug cleaning is that it restores your rug pad. Any excess dirt, debris, and grime get washed away during the cleaning process. Often times a rug pad can seem faded when in reality, it’s just the excess dirt that gives discoloration to the rug. Once completed, your area rug will be looking good as new! Be sure to contact us about our special carpet and area rug protector to add to your rug pad.

Removes Dirt & Grime

Dust mites and grime are invisible to the human eye. For this reason, it’s extremely important to wash and maintain your area rug so that your interior looks clean!

Restores Area Rug Colors

Restore your beautiful rug colors with our cleaning services. Our team is knowledgeable about every size and type of area rug. Contact us today for more information!

Protects Against Stains

LV Carpets creates our own specially formulated area rug protector. It shields your rug from any permanent stains. Get in touch with us about the area rug protector.

Cost-Effective Results

Stains don’t have to completely ruin your rug pad. Area rug cleaning restores the quality of your rug, which is much cheaper compared to replacing your rug completely.

Trusted Area Rug Cleaning Service Company

Trusted Area Rug Cleaning Service Company

LV Carpets has been the trusted rug cleaning service provider for years! We service Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, and the entire Las Vegas Valley with premium rug cleaning services. All of our cleaning solutions are gentle to your area rug so that nothing gets damaged during the cleaning process. The materials we use don’t contain harsh chemicals so that your rug pad doesn’t get discolored.

Our team takes pride in our quick, efficient, and honest service. We’re not like other area rug cleaning companies that may cut corners and use cheaper cleaning solutions that can potentially damage your rug pad. All of our services are left to industry standards so that your area rug is left looking impeccable!

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Area Rug Cleaning Service Locations Across The Valley

LV Carpets provides our premium rug cleaning services across the valley! We service Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, East Las Vegas, and Spring Valley. Our facility also makes drop off rug cleaning near me super convenient. You can literally drop off your area rug and then pick it up at a later time once it’s restored.

We recommend getting an area rug cleaning service at least once a year. This helps to maintain the look, feel, and quality of your area rug. This also prevents any smells and odors from affecting your air quality. No one likes foul odors in their home. So get in touch with LV Carpets today to get your rug restoration service!

Area Rug Cleaning Service Locations Across The Valley
Remove Odors & Bacteria With Rug Shampooing

Remove Odors & Bacteria With Rug Shampooing

It’s no secret that Las Vegas is in a dry desert that’s home to plenty of dust, dirt, and allergens. These conditions make it the perfect breeding ground for foul odors, grime and bacteria to build up on your rug. One way to have clean area rugs is with rug shampooing from LV Carpets. This service removes any bacteria, odors and stains that are affecting your area rug.

LV Carpets uses specially formulated rug shampoos and conditioners that restore your area rug, Persian rug or oriental rug. Our team has mastered rug shampooing techniques to protect your expensive rug while improving its quality at the same time.

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Persian Area Rug Restoration Service Company Las Vegas

There’s a reason why LV Carpets has been around for many years in the area rug cleaning service industry. Our long-standing tradition of honest, reliable, and trustworthy service solidifies us as the best area rug restoration service company in Las Vegas. Our area rug restoration techniques are unmatched!

We use specially formulated rug shampoos and conditioners that separate oils, dirt and grime from the fabric fibers. This makes it easy for us to remove away any stains and dark spots that are affecting the quality of the area rug. LV Carpets also uses specialized brushes and equipment so that your area rug doesn’t get damaged during the restoration process.

Persian Area Rug Restoration Service Company Las Vegas

Area Rug Cleaning in Las Vegas: A Comprehensive Guide

Area rugs are a popular floor covering option in Las Vegas homes and businesses. Not only do they add color and texture to a room, but they also help to protect the floor underneath. However, like any other textile in your home, area rugs can get dirty and require cleaning. In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive guide to area rug cleaning in Las Vegas, including the different methods available, tips for maintaining your rugs, and how to choose a professional cleaner.

Cleaning Methods

There are several methods for cleaning area rugs, including vacuum cleaning, spot cleaning, and professional cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is the most basic form of area rug cleaning and is also the most frequent. Regular vacuuming removes dirt and debris from the surface of the rug, helping to prevent the buildup of dirt and other substances that can cause long-term damage

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Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning involves treating specific stains or spills on an area rug. This type of cleaning can be done using household products such as white vinegar, baking soda, or a commercial spot cleaner. It’s important to test any cleaning products on an inconspicuous area of the rug first to ensure they won’t damage the fibers.

Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning is the most thorough and effective method of cleaning area rugs. This type of cleaning is done by trained professionals who use specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to deep clean the rug and remove dirt, allergens, and other pollutants.

Choosing a Professional Cleaner

When it comes to choosing a professional cleaner for your area rug, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • Reputation: Look for a company with a solid reputation for providing high-quality rug cleaning services. You can read reviews and ask for references to help you make an informed decision.
  • Experience: Choose a company with experience in cleaning the type of rug you have, as different fibers and weave styles require different cleaning methods.
  • Equipment: Look for a company that uses state-of-the-art equipment and
    techniques to ensure your rug is cleaned thoroughly and effectively.
  • Price: Consider the cost of the service, but remember that the cheapest option may not always be the best.
  • Guarantees: Make sure the company offers a satisfaction guarantee, so you can be confident in the quality of the service you receive.

Tips for Maintaining Your Area Rugs

In addition to regular cleaning, there are several steps you can take to maintain the quality and appearance of your area rugs:

  • Rotate the rug: Regularly rotating your rug helps to distribute wear evenly and prevent fading from sunlight.
  • Use a rug pad: A rug pad helps to protect your rug and extend its lifespan by preventing slipping, bunching, and friction between the rug and the floor.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: Direct sunlight can cause fading and damage to the fibers of your rug, so it’s important to place rugs in areas where they won’t be exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight.
  • Remove spills and stains promptly: The quicker you act to remove spills and stains, the easier they will be to clean and the less likely they are to cause permanent damage.


Area rug cleaning is an important part of maintaining the appearance and quality of your rugs. Whether you choose to clean your rugs yourself, use spot cleaning methods, or have them professionally cleaned, the tips and information in this blog post will help you make informed decisions and keep your rugs looking their best for years to come
Lv carpets las vegas will be happy to help with any request you have Please call or text us anytime at (702) 848-7975

Schedule Your Area Rug Cleaning Las Vegas

Schedule your rug cleaning service in Las Vegas today! LV Carpets services the entire Las Vegas area with premium cleaning services. We don’t use cheap materials and brushes that can potentially damage your rug. All of our materials use special cleaning solutions to protect your rug from permanent stains while maintaining its quality.

When you hire LV Carpets, you hire the best in the business. You’ll notice the difference in your area rug once we’re done with the cleaning process. Be sure to contact us today to schedule your appointment. we also do Upholstery Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning

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